Monday, September 28, 2009

1sT baTch of Bags

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BA6706 - 2 Ways Bag (Casual/ Sporty used) - Sling Bag/ Hand Bag - White - RM65
Material: Leather, Cotton (inside)
Tall: 44cm, Long: 40cm
Internal: 2 secret zip pockets, 1 hp pocket

BA7146 - Hand Bag (Casual/ Office used) - Dark Brown, Black, Pink & Green - RM 35
Material: Leather, Cotton (inside)
Tall: 25cm, Long: 33cm, Wide: 12Internal: 1 secret zip pocket, 1 hp pocket
Top Cuff with Magnet

BA6955 - Small Hand Bag (Casual/ Dinner used) - Red, Purple & Black - RM 33
Material: Artificial PVC, Cotton (inside)
Tall: 20cm, Long: 26cm, Wide: 11cm
Internal: 1 secret zip pocket, 1 hp pocket
Top cuff with Zip

BA953B - Shoulder Bag. Sling Bag (Casual/ Sporty used) - Black & Blue - RM49
Material: Soft Leather, Cotton (inside)
Tall: 31cm, 42cm, Wide: 14cm
Internal: 1 open pocket, 1 zip secret pocket, 1 hp pocket
Strap Long: 51cm (shoulder), adjust up to 108cm (sling)
Top Cuff with Zip

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