Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st baTch oF ClOthES

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6358 - 2 ways wear - Skirt/ Tube Top - RM 45
Black (S & M), White (S & M), Material: Satin

0013 - Formal & Casual Top - Blue & Grey - RM 42
Material: Soft Cotton
Chest: 80cm, Waist: 72cm, Long: 60cm

0018 - Party Dress - Grey - RM 50 (LAST PIECE)
Material: Satin
Chest: 84cm (before stretch), Long: 72cm

0970 - Formal/Casual Top - White, Black & Yellow - RM38
Material: Satin
Chest: 88cm, Long 62cm (zip at the left side)

A1110 - Casual Dress - White & (BLUE SOLD OUT) - RM 36
Material: Soft Cotton
Chest: 96cm, High Waist: 72cm (before stretch), Hips: 120cm

7869 - Deep V Blouse - Black, Blue & Light Beige - RM 40
Material: Soft Cotton

Chest: 100cm, High Waist: 72cm (before stretch), Long: 68cm

7639 - Party Top/ Formal Top (adding a coat) - Black - RM 40

Material: Thick Cotton
Chest: 86cm (before stretch), Long: 58cm

1462 - Casual Top - Black - RM 38

Material: Soft Cotton

Chest: 110cm, Long: 68cm

B365 - Trendy Blouse/ Dress (BELT IS INCLUDED) - BLUE SOLD OUT, Black & White - RM 48

Material: Cotton (non-elasticity)
Chest: 106cm, Low Waist: 100cm, Hips: 106cm, Long: 86cm

13947 - Play Suit - White & Pink - RM 50
Material: Cotton

Chest: 90cm, Low Waist: 86cm (can be tiden up), Hips: 108cm, Long: 84cm

15261 - Trendy Blouse - Orange, White & Black - RM 28

Material: Cotton

Chest: 84cm, Waist: 80cm, Long: 60cm

15119 - Casual Dress - Blue & Grey - RM 48

Material: Cotton

Chest: 104cm, Low Waist: 100cm, Long: 94cm

Please refer to the terms and conditions before you make order. Thanks.

To avoid any unhappy and unwanted trade, please visit to the other existing physical shop to try and buy the stocks if you are very particular on the imperfection of the stocks (not as expected), this is due to the different perceptions and requirements of everyone. Thanks and any incovenience caused is regretted.

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